A Small North Carolina Publisher Seeking the Best Writers in the South

 Skip Crayton and Bill Benners founded McBryde Publishing in 2004 to offer an alternative to those excellent writers not landing an agent to represent them. It was a simple idea. Write a good book and we'll take it on. We still stand behind that theorem as we seek the best writers in the south. At this time we are seeking new manuscripts for publication.  




Imressions by Edward Porter Armstrong is a collection of discussions of scriptures from the Bible for Bible Study and thought provocation.

“This is a fascinating book! Ed Armstrong is a talented observer of human behavior. The book is an accumulation of the materials used in his weekly Bible study. As I read the book my wish was that I could have been there in that study group to participate in the discussion. Many people think the Bible is overwhelming. Armstrong brings brief passages revealing specific issues and then discusses the content and the implications for current life. It is guided by the belief that BEHAVIOR IS THE LANGUAGE OF FAITH. I have read the book in ‘daily segments’. It has been very meaningful permitting me to reflect on the content of the biblical reference and on Armstrong’s narrative description. He offers wisdom derived from a biblical quote for our own time. It is a significant gift to all those who read this book.”   —Layton McCurdy M.D., Dean Emeritus of Medical University of South Carolina & Distinguished University Professor